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Why you should live in Sydney rather than London!

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To live in Sydney definitely comes with some perks, that once you have them , you miss them wherever else you go. Don’t get me wrong I love both cities and have lived in each of them, too. But there is something about Sydney that would always make me choosing it over London.

Here is why I love(d) to live in Sydney

The weather is great for more than 75% of the year

And I’d say that’s a pretty good deal already. There are really about 2-3 months per year in Sydney that I would flee to a sunny island but hey, everyone needs a holiday, ay? Thinking back, I remember I spent a summer in London and was pleased to have like 5 sunny days without a rain drop or a storm with a temperature drop. I am not talking about consecutive days.

You get the point – Sydney is sunny! And I am definitely a sun-loving girl. Also imagine you can actually wear all those skirts and dresses you once bought for those warm days – without having frozen legs by the end of the day.

live in sydney - weather

You can watch phenomenal sunset colored skies

Talking about the weather I can’t miss out on telling you how crazy amazing those sunset skies look in Sydney. Oh how I was gazing out into the sky, watching those bright yellow-orange-red colors fading into each other.

I have to admit though, sunsets in London are pretty amazing, too. On a sunny day, the sun would color the sky over London in dramatic red-orange colors and give London a magical look. But those sunsets over the ocean, with all those different colors, changing every minute – I can’t stop dreaming about them.

live in sydney - sunset

Christmas in Summer

One thing that changes when you live in Sydney is Christmas. You stop wearing cheesy Christmas jumpers that play even cheesier music and exchange them for a bikini (or Christmas Budgy Smugglers). Christmas parties are held under palm trees and at the beach. The amount of alcohol remains still the same as in London.

While I loved to visit the Christmas markets in London and coming home to some warm mulled wine I appreciate a lot the opportunity to celebrate in a nice summer dress and on the beach. Ain’t nobody need a Christmas tree when you can have a palm tree.

Those Beaches, though

Did I already mention, that Sydney is probably the city with the most beautiful beaches worldwide? I know, I know y’all gonna all have another city to argue it. But seriously – have you seen them? They are stunning. World famous, too. I bet you all heard about Bondi Beach already and dreamed about sitting there watching the busy beach life. Talking about Bondi, it is so famous, it has it’s own TV show. Actually two. One for the Bondi Beach Life guards (oh yes, that’s right) and one for the popular tattoo shop at it’s beach strip.  Besides Bondi there are many, many, many more beaches in and around Sydney that one shouldn’t miss. Bronte Beach, Palm Beach, Coogee Beach, Watson Bay, Manly Beach, Maroubra Beach, Lady Bay Beach, Cronulla … I could go on for ages.

Well, London, I am sorry. You got a beautiful river bank though. I loved sitting in front of the Jubilee Gardens, watching the Thames. But it’s not a beach, I am sure you understand.

bondi beach - live in sydney

Yum Cha, for real

Yum, Yum Cha! Alright to be fair, I have to say I love London’s China Town much more than the one in Sydney. It’s just a little more Chinese to me.

But have you ever been to a Yum Cha place in Sydney? You know, these big restaurants, which feel more like a hall with plenty of seats. You will be sat down on a table and won’t have a second to think about what’s next. The ‘Pretty Ladies’ (as once called in the original Cantonese Chinese tradition) will push their trolleys through the restaurant with bamboo steamers and little plates full of delicious dim sum, spring rolls, tai pao (meat filled buns), mango pudding or whatever you wish for. You can choose from their trolleys and get a little receipt, which shows what you ordered. Sometimes the ‘Pretty Ladies’ will carry big baskets instead of pushing a trolley. You will also traditionally be served tea for your meal. ‘Yum Cha’ is the Cantonese Chinese phrase for ‘morning tea’ and refers traditionally to early morning meals with tea. Later these meals where also held in the afternoons. If you live in Sydney you can’t miss out on going for Yum Cha at least once!

The best surf spots are just in front of your door, when you live in Sydney

I am not sure how to explain that. While in London you get stuck in a train, because the power shut down (again), you hop on a train in Sydney (don’t worry public transport here is just not great, too) and end up at THE best surf spot. Sydney offers surf spots for every level of skills. Beginners can easily head over to Manly for some small waves and good surf schools. Advanced Surfers can be seen at North Narrabeen or Bondi.

While I am not sure if one can surf the Thames, I do know that they have fabulous river boat tours and you can race a Dongola on the Thames, too. But it’s just not surfing.

surfing spots- live in sydney

Koalas, Quokkas & ‘Roos (and other fluffy neighbors I wish I could cuddle all day long)

Am I the only one, who would actually live in Sydney just for that reason? Don’t blame me, city life can be harsh sometimes so all I need is a fluffy little friend to cheer me up. No worries, I won’t keep them at home, nor will I actually cuddle them (but the temptation is oh so big). But have you ever looked straight into a face of a Quokka? You can’t possibly end up in a bad mood doing that. Ever. Or visiting the wildlife park after a hard work week to watch a koala sleeping. Sigh.

In London though I had my own garden squirrel. It would come and visit me after work quite often. Animals in London are just so used to people, they get fearless and even curious sometimes. My squirrel homie kept me company some evenings, watching TV. Unfortunately it is just not so fluffy and so cute as its aussie friends. I am sorry squirrel homie.

Animals Live in Sydney

The most beautiful harbour – and its bridge

Alright now this is a tough one. Living in London I loved walking over the London Bridge to have a view over to the Tower Bridge, or catching a ferry once in a while, to cross the Thames and get a view from the river. This bridge is just stunning. I would also sit loads of times next to the London Eye to look over to the Westminster Bridge and Big Ben rising behind. Especially for sunset it’s one of those views you don’t want to miss.

But did you see the view of Darling Harbour in Sydney? This bridge, this harbour, this view is hard to beat – if though.

live in sydney - harbour view


Beautiful national parks to explore – just a quick train ride from the city

When you live in Sydney, you want to check out those amazing national parks around you. I have been three times to the Blue Mountains to see stunning waterfalls and unbelievable cliffs and valleys. I visited the Royal National Park and swam in a natural pool that looks like an 8 and been carved into the rocks. There is so much to see, so many places to explore and yet your weekends won’t be enough to see them all.
In London I used to visit the city parks, walk along the river or take little weekend trips to places around the city. There are many beautiful places to see and visit in and around London. Not only Hyde Park is one of the places to go for a city-time off. For a bit more exploring you should go and see the Windsor Castle or visit the beautiful small town of Whitstable for some beach feeling.

After all, it’s the diversity, the stunning nature and the proximity to the city, which makes Sydney standing out.

Nationalparks in Sydney

The Chicken Shop(s)

Please, don’t laugh at me. That must be a Sydney (or Aussie) thing. These shops, with gold-brown chickens over the grill, fresh fries, and oh all those different yummy salads in the display. Every time I came close to my favorite chicken shop in Bondi  my tummy would tell me to stop and at least take a salad with me. I usually did.

London has no chicken shops. It definitely has great fish & chips shops though. But where is the Chicken, London, where?
Chickenshop Sydney

Natural and Built-in rock pools filled with ocean water

Excuse me London, do I have to say more?

rock pool live in sydney

Spectacular New Years Eve Fireworks

Once upon a time I had a bucketlist item that stated: “Once in your life watch the fireworks at Harbour Bridge for NYE live!”. A few years later, 31.12.1015 I was sitting in Lavender Bay, Sydney. It was only 1pm and still 11hrs to go before the fireworks, but places were rare so I’d better be early. My friends and me had plenty of food and the sun was shining. We talked a lot, shared stories from different NYE traditions all over the world and ate (a lot). Time passed by and it would suddenly be close to midnight. Here it was – my bucketlist item. I am not sure if I ever stared at a firework like this before, but I felt like a little girl seeing a firework for the first time. It was gigantic! The Harbour Bridge was on fire and you could hear the mass of people all over the city cheering. Goose bumps.

Unfortunately I never got to spend a New Years Eve in London, but I know it would have been fantastic, too. But I also know, that only the Harbour Bridge firework would have amazed me as much as it did. I guess that’s the thing about bucketlist items.

Live in Sydney NYE

You see, I do love both cities, but I would always choose to live in Sydney, if I had to choose between those two. There are many more reasons I could bring up, why you should live in Sydney – but I guess you go and figure yourself 😉
What reasons do you have to live in either Sydney or London? Let me know in the comments!


Why You Should Live In Sydney Rather Than London

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